What are the best credit card processing options

Ideally, each of your customers would pay with cash – it’s the simplest and safest option for getting paid. Unfortunately, we live in a world where credit cards have become ubiquitous – everyone’s got one, and they’re probably using it more than they should.

As a business owner, you shouldn’t waste too much time thinking about the prudence of credit cards and how they’re affecting society. Instead, you should make sure you’re open to as many forms of payment as possible, as doing so will pave the way for the largest amount of customers.

To handle credit card payments without any issues, you’ll have to utilize a decent credit card processor – one that offers the most for the lowest possible fees. There’s plenty to choose from, so here’s an overview of the best processing options depending on the type of business you’re running.


Best ways to insure your painting business

Nobody wants to do business with someone who lacks proper insurance. Equally as troublesome, you’ll have a hard time finding employees without the right insurance policies.

Additional expenses when starting a business are never fun, but insurance is definitely one you can’t afford to pass up on.

I recently had this conversation with a colleague who owns Boerne Painting Pros, a painting company outside of San Antonio in Boerne, Texas. He was asking me about how to better insure his business, thus the reason for writing the blog post. (more…)

How to get small business health insurance

Think about the last time you were looking for a job. When assessing what the employer offers you, health insurance was probably among the primary things you looked for – every employee wants a worker’s health insurance regardless of how vocal they are about it.

Giving health insurance to each and every employee is a great way to, simply put, have everyone clamor to work for you – people tend to associate a lack of business health insurance with a callous or unprofessional employer.

Here’s an overview of your options for small business insurance.


Should you join the chamber of commerce

Startup businesses need all the help they can get. There’s a ton of competition out there – even when talking only your specific niche – so you want to make use of every nudge you can think of.

One of those nudges presents itself in the form of a chamber of commerce membership. Think of it like a club for business owners – who doesn’t want to be part of a club, right? Well, while the chamber has its privileges, it pays to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks carefully.

One of my friends, Eddie, owns San Antonio Top Limo in San Antonio. I recommended that he join the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Why?  (more…)